Владимир Лорченков (blackabbat) wrote,
Владимир Лорченков

рассказ и роман на английском

I’ll find my gold in the cemetery, publish a few books, become world famous, like Fitz…Fitzger… You know, F. Scott!”

“F.U.!” she would yell.

“You don’t even know who F. Scott is, you numbskull.” I would shout.

“Eh, F. U. and F. Scott, too!”

“I’ll enter the world pantheon!” I’d yell. “And you, you zero, you’ll die like plankton.”

“Who needs you, with those books of yours?” she’d yell.

“Not you, that’s for sure!” I’d shout.

My eye would twitch, because I’d been drinking for nearly four months


там же скоро - роман "Все там будем" на английском
Tags: Лорченков, США, литература, переводы
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